Patrol the streets and hassle the Hoff in Kung Fury: Street Rage coming soon to the Switch

Kung Fury fans have been chained to their personal computers if they wanted to enjoy Kung Fury: Street Rage (Look it hasn’t been confirmed on the Steam Deck!), but today Hello There Games said “No more…soon!” as Kung Fury: Street Rage is coming to Nintendo’s portable console in the near future with extras. That’s right the title received a side scrolling beat’em up expansion called A Day at the Beach and it will be included in the ultimate edition of the title.

Finally you will be able to walk right and left AND punch Nazis in a variety of stages. So this summer spend a day at the beach with Kung Fury and friends when Kung Fury: Street Rage: Ultimate Edition arrives onto the Nintendo Switch.

Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition – Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch:

Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition screens:

Hello There Games and Aurora Punks announces that Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, including both the Arcade Strikes Back and A Day at the Beach expansions.

Based on the Kung Fury film by Laser Unicorns, Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition lets you step into the role of 5 playable characters including Kung Fury, Hackerman and David Hasselhoff in a classic wave-based story and endless mode. The A Day at the Beach expansion introduces players to a brand new beat ‘em up adventure featuring a 2 player Co-op mode and all-new levels and boss battles.
“A Switch release has been by far the biggest request from our community. We’re excited to finally deliver the game on a platform that’s built perfectly for 2-player couch Co-op,” says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Hello There Games.

Kung Fury: Street Rage and its expansions have previously been released on Steam.
Learn more about Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition at www.hellotheregames.com


5 playable characters with unique playstyles:

  • Kung Fury
  • David Hasselhoff and his impressive chest hair!
  • Hackerman
  • Barbarianna
  • Triceracop

Team up in the brand new Multiplayer Game Mode:

  • 2 Player Co-op
  • Free movement side-scrolling Beat ‘Em Up
  • Button-Mashing Madness!
  • Every hero has an ultimate power
  • New epic story campaign