Omega Rugal will frustrate players for free in The King of Fighters XV

Players who defeated all the competition in the original King of Fighters got the face off against its organizer, Rugal Bernstein. The ruthless arms dealer would decimate nearly all challengers, giving nightmares to those who can see the glowing red tint of his bionic eye. While he hasn?t been quite the fixture in the game?s story, Rugal is alive once again and is set to enter the fray in King of Fighters XV as a free downloadable character. So online warriors beware, cause the forecast for genocide cutters soon.

For the brave souls who think Omega Rugal isn?t tough enough, a free mode dubbed Boss Challenge will give these cocky fighters a chance to prove their worth. Sporting the ? Armor, this Rugal will remind you that SNK Boss Syndrome is indeed real and very much still with us. Those who manage to best this amped up arms dealer will not only earn the ? Armor costume, but a new stage and music track as well. This mode and the character will be available as a free download on April 14th, 2022.

King of Fighters XV is currently available on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms.



SNK CORPORATION is proud to announce that OMEGA RUGAL, a free DLC character, is coming to THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (KOF XV) on April 14th, 2022.

Rugal, who appeared as an overwhelmingly strong boss character in THE KING OF FIGHTERS ?95, has made his way into KOF XV. This dark arms merchant of death once ruled the world?s black market and was never shy about digging his fangs into any fighter that dared challenge him. Through the power of Orochi, he was given life once again, until a group of fierce fighters brought his reign to an end. Now, due to Verse?s influence, he?s returned to the mortal realm to extract vengeance.

Alongside the launch of Omega Rugal comes a new game mode called ?BOSS CHALLENGE?. Players can take down the fearsome OMEGA RUGAL CPU and gain access to fun content like his special ? Armor costume, a new stage, and new music. Do you have what it takes to defeat Omega Rugal?

Adding the currently available Team GAROU (three characters), Omega Rugal (launching April 14th), and the upcoming three teams (consisting of three characters each) launching this year ? that makes for 13 DLC characters in total. Add that to the launch roster of 39 characters, and in total, KOF XV will boast a massive 52 characters.