New Session: Skate Sim update adds a plethora of features

I?m more of a show me and not a tell me kind of guy, so it?s somewhat refreshing that the fine folks at cre?-ture Studios have posted a video showing all the new updates that are dropping soon on their realistic skating sim, Session. Early Access players have been putting the game through its paces, so along with implementing player feedback the team has also gotten new features and additional content ready in the game?s next update. Character physics has been changed completely, hoping to provide a more realistic experience to the title. New levels have been added, Jerome Avenue Banks in NYC and FDR Park in Philly.

The real skater roster has been doubled with the addition of names such as Antiferg, Mark Appleyard, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago and Beagle. However if you want to create someone of your liking. you can with the four customizable characters that can be outfitted with clothes from real skate brands that have been implemented in this update. But whoever you choose, take them on the Journey mode which acts as the game?s single player component.

Looks like the march to final release is inching ever closer, and I know I?ll be watching the game?s progress like a hawk. Session is available as a Game Preview/Early Access on Xbox and Steam.

Session: Skate Sim new screens:

Session: Skate Sim – Huge Update Trailer:

Session: Skate Sim - Huge Update Trailer

We’re so excited to share with you today our BIGGEST early access update ever, we’ve implement a massive range of improvements and generally improved the total skating experience!

The focus for this release is to pull together our outstanding game features and start a concerted effort on improving the overall skate experience as intended for V1 and making all those buttery animations looking good. Ensuring our core gameplay is true to the vision of Session!

Session: Skate Sim is available on Xbox via Game Preview, Steam, Epic Games Store, and coming to PlayStation at launch.