Over 3 million Genshin Impact fans participated to ensure there is a new beacon of light in the Alps!

MiHoYo asked players and fans to send their wishes in an event that crossed over to the real world called Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Dragonspine in their popular free to play action rpg Genshin Impact. Those pleas were heard and over 3 million wishes were made and now the final phase of the event will happen on Thursday January 13th, 2022.

Once the goal was completed, the company promised that it would light a real life teleport waypoint (FYI it doesn?t actually teleport anything.) that they have placed in the Alps near the Val Thorens ski report. Fans who want to see the event can tune into one of these three platforms at the given time and will be treated to a performance by the Orchestre Symphonique Confluences playing pieces from the game?s soundtrack as well as witnessing the lighting of the waypoint.

  • Twitch: January 13, 2022 9am EST
  • YouTube: January 13, 2022 10am EST (A replay will be available on YouTube after the broadcast)
  • VK: January 13, 2022 10am EST

Genshin Impact – The Alps Waypoint Lighting Ceremony:

Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars: Illuminating Event in the Alps (Teaser 2) | Genshin Impact:

Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars: Illuminating Event in the Alps (Teaser 2) | Genshin Impact

Travelers, thank you for taking part in the “Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars” web event!
A million rays of shimmering light have gathered, coalescing into a sea of stars!
As promised, we will light up the Teleport Waypoint on the Alps on January 13.
A journey to another world and new adventures begin with you!