Ninjala Anime gets first run on the game’s YouTube channel

Pok?mon, Medabots, Monster Rancher what do these franchises have in common? Video games that had an animated adaptation, and what better way to build brand recognition than to have a weekly ad for your product under the guise of entertainment. It seems Ninjala did some of their own research and took this route as well, hell they even did something that bypasses all those pesky blockers such as television networks, the FCC by broadcasting their show on the most democratic platform known to man?YouTube.

That?s right, follow the adventures of Berecca, Burton, and other WNA Academy students on the Ninjala YouTube channel and the official site. Starting on January 13th and running for 4 weeks until February 11th, 2022, one episode made available weekly. Viewers will also be privy to a code which they can redeem in game for 50 Gumball Machine Coins, up to 200 if you watch all 4 episodes of the first season.

Ninjala is an arena based brawler where ninjas do combat with gum weapons. Since the game?s launch in June 2020, it?s gone through 8 seasons with collaborations with such well known IPs such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Hatsune Miku, Demon Slayer and Rurouni Kenshin. The game is also celebrating the launch of the show with a bevy of gacha events as well as drastic discounts on the game?s single player mode. Ninjala is free to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Ninjala Anime – Episode 1 – [Available Until 1/20 6:59PM PT]

Ninjala anime -Episode 1- ?Ninja-Gum Perfected!?
?Ninja-Gum? is a unique type of gum that unlocks the hidden potential of those descending from the Ninjas of old.
Burton, Berecca, and Ron are three researchers who have been developing Ninja-Gum in secret. Three years of experiments have resulted in repeated failures. But one day, after what they thought was just another experiment gone wrong…

The Ninjala Anime is starting NOW!