Infernax shows you can’t pigeonhole Berzerk Studio!

I would like to start off with a confession?I have never kneeled while holding the red crystal nor have I ever had a horrible night to have a curse (cut me some slack. I came into the Castlevania series via Symphony of the Night). So when your announce trailer includes a mace meeting face with gruesome results, you?ve certainly got my attention. Coming from Berzerk Studio, the developers of Just Shapes & Beats, Infernax certainly matches the image that the company?s logo gives off rather than it?s musically inclined release.

Infernax follows the adventures of Duke Alcedor, a crusader wary of conflict who returns home to find the land cloaked in darkness. The tools he employs include his mace and shield as well as magic (is this sanctioned by the papacy?). The demo starts off with a quick in game tutorial and it ends once Alcedor coming across a spastic peasant. This shuttering commoner gives off a demonic aura begging for release from the mortal coil and then you are given an option to grant this release or pray for this poor soul. Slaying him will give him what he wants and you can continue unscathed, but praying for him will unleash the demonic presence hidden with him. The bipedal demon with crosses strung across it?s back will be your first optional boss fight. Slaying it will give you a huge amount of experience points and this might help inform your choice in future binary options.

As you journey west, you will come across the town of Darsov. Your arrival is quite a boon for the inhabitants as the town is being besieged by a cleaver wielding demon. Once you drive the demon back, you are invited to stay the night and this triggers the game?s day/night cycle. After you awaken you are told to join the town?s defenders as they are taking a more proactive approach with the cleaver wielding demon. At this point you can join the front lines or explore the town. Alcedor can buy equipment, points and even learn magic (The choice alternated between lightning and a healing spell). A diligent explorer can even pick up a side quest that involves clearing a grave of a skeletal warrior. Once you?re ready to join the town forces you will confront and slay the cleaver wielding monster. The attempt to retake the citadel is halted as the doors are sealed by a magical barrier. You are then sent to Valeshire Keep which is a structure you conveniently passed by a couple of screens ago.

Valeshire Keep is not a welcoming place, filled with skeletons, spike drops, automated arrow turrets and even lava pits. A well upgraded and equipped crusader will make short work of the keep and at the end they will be greeted with a clawed monster who can fire columns of fire. Completing this encounter will end the demo.

Infernax - Release Date Reveal Trailer

Infernax definitely scratches an itch for those who are fond of Castlevania 2 or Shovel Knight, although this title definitely turns up the violence and gore. While dying is something you want to ignore, every enemy who manages to slay Alcedor will do so with a unique animation (it almost made me want to die by the hands of as many enemies as possible). The mace doesn?t have the range of say a whip, however viewers of the release date trailer will notice that during his journey Alcedor will pick up some new moves that will increase his attack range. I did enjoy having a shield, however I did not like having to be standing still in order for it to be effective.

I do look forward to getting my hands on the final version of the game and getting the full breadth of Alcedor?s abilities. I won?t have to wait long as Infernax is scheduled for a February 14th 2022 release date. This title will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.