Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online ends with over 3.4 million dollars raised

Gamers tend to get a bad rap, but occasionally news like this comes along and helps redeem them in the eyes of the public. Over the course of a week, Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online showcased feats of gaming and helped raise over 3.4 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. While catching it live would be a monumental task of its own, the archives of the event is available on Games Done Quickly’s YouTube Channel.

In addition to the record breaking donation total, this event also shattered the organization’s shortest amount of time to reach 1 million dollar donations and on the gaming front some of the new speed running records set were for titles such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Pumpkin Jack and Webbed. The next event Games Done Quick will be holding will be the all women speed running event Frost Fatales from February 27th to March 5th.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits by InsertLogic in 28:35 – AGDQ 2022 Online:

Runner introduction starts at 0:40 Run starts at 1:32 Prizes starts at 38:22 Commentary is provided by Rox_ and Silo93 frozenflygone is host

This speedrun was recorded during Awesome Games Done Quick 2022, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on Awesome Games Done Quick 2022, find us at: https://gamesdonequick.com/

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