Baiken is character #4 in Guilty Gear -Strive-‘s Season Pass 1

Fans of Guilty Gear Strive have been accustomed to Arc System Works? character reveals near the end of fighting game tournaments and this weekend?s CEO 2021 was no exception. Teased by tournament organizer Alex Jebaily in a less than cryptic tweet, it all came to a head at the closing moments of CEO when he played the contents of the USB stick on the giant screen of the tourney?s main stage.

Once the raucous heavy metal riffs stopped, the next daredevil was revealed to be a familiar face. Baiken, the one arm, one eyed swordsman returns to her home series after cameoing in SNK?s Samurai Shodown. Unlike other reveal trailers no gameplay or a solid release date was presented however a late-January 2022 release range was provided.

Baiken can be purchased as a standalone download or as a part of the Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass.

Guilty Gear -Strive- Baiken screens:

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Season Pass 1 Playable Character #4 Teaser Trailer:

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Season Pass 1 Playable Character #4 Teaser Trailer

HEAVEN OR HELL! LET’S ROCK! Having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, the revolutionary fighting game series GUILTY GEAR returns in 2021 with a breathtaking new game!
This teaser trailer reveals the fourth playable character in Season Pass 1, Baiken.