Square Enix drops off Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin screens, info

Square Enix today dropped off a plethora of new screens for their very interesting looking Final Fantasy action RPG spinoff title Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Deep in development by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja (confusing, we know), the new media shows off new locations, characters and gameplay too. Check out the new screens below and stay tuned for more as we patiently await the game’s currently scheduled March 2022 release.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Gameplay screens:

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Locations screens/info:

After crossing over the northern bridge to the continent, you will find the port town of Pravoka. The people of the town are looking for crystals with aid from the king of Cornelia.

Pravoka Seaport:
After winding your way through the caves, you discover a pirate ship moored in the Pravoka Seaport.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Character screens/info:

Pirate Captain Bikke
A pirate captain who rules the town of Pravoka in place of a governor. In battle, he swings a two-handed axe with wild abandon. With the oceans wreathed in darkness, the piracy business has dried up, as the ships he would normally prey on are no longer venturing out with the treasures he would normally plunder.

King of Cornelia
The ruler of Cornelia. The king sees something extraordinary in Jack and his burning desire to stop Chaos, pinning his hopes on him.

Minister Lagone
A sagacious minister who searches tirelessly for someone who matches Luhkan’s prophecy. He decides to record the journeys of Jack and his comrades for posterity.

Queen Jayne
The mother of Sarah and Mia. She is usually calm and grounded, always thinking of her daughters and the people of Cornelia first

Just like her older sister Sarah, Mia has a strong concern for the citizens of Cornelia and at times has been known to confront the ministers.