Kick the tires on King of Fighters XV with its open beta this weekend!

Own a PlayStation 4 or 5 and have no plans this weekend? Well SNK is looking to fill that void in your schedule. Starting on 11/19 10:00am EST (7:00am PST) and ending on Monday 11/22 10:00am EST (7:00am PST) test out the newest iteration of the fabled team based fighting game. Take on the world in online play against strangers and friends or hone your skills offline in training and tutorial modes.

The open beta will let you test out 8 characters, Team Sacred Treasures featuring series mainstays Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Chizuru Kagura, the newly resurrected New Faces team consisting of Chris, Shermie, Yashiro Nanakase and two single entries in the form of the series? new protagonist Shun?ei and Dolores who was only recently revealed in the latest Sony State of Play showcase.

This open beta will be opened to all and will not require an active PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy, so get some free fights in before King of Fighters XV officially comes out on PlayStation, Xbox and PC on February 17th, 2022!