Earthworm Jim crawls back onto the small screen in a new animated show!

90s kids will remember the Oligochaeta in a cyber suit known as Earthworm Jim, his zany adventures to rescue Princess What?s-her-Name from the maniacal Queen Slug-for-a-Butt and for a while some assumed Jim would join Mario and Sonic as video game royalty. Sadly they were wrong, but Jim would occasionally make appearances on subsequent console generations and even appears on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 in the form of a HD remake of his initial title. Jim looked like he?s getting another chance when a new title was announced for the Intellivision Amico, but details of that product have been scant.

So it?s a pleasant surprise that today we have learned that Interplay Entertainment has teamed up with Agency for the Performing Arts to bring Earthworm Jim back to television. Produced by Aaron Billet and animated by Passion Pictures, it will follow the titular invertebrate as he planet hops in hopes of finding his way back home to Earth.

While other details are scant (Where will the show be aired, who the cast is, will Peter Puppy make an appearance), fans can catch a short ?interview? with Jim on the website

Earthworm Jim art: