Uncover the the truth about Lost Judgment’s DLC roadmap

As we march towards what could be Toshihiro Nagoshi and Takuya Kimura?s last game with Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, publisher SEGA has revealed details of the DLC which will be offered to those looking to have an expanded experience for Lost Judgment, the second title in spinoff series from the studio that produced the Yakuza games. This content will be available as part of the Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate editions or sold a la carte via digital retailers. Fans of the original will notice the packs offer content similar to the packs sold with the first title.

At the game?s launch (or September 21st for early access players), the Quick-Start Support and Detective Essentials packs will offer a bounty of goods that will make life easier and more fun for Takayuki Yagami and associates. Extracts which grant somewhat game breaking abilities (the ability to shoot ?ki lasers and telekinesis?), skins to change the appearance of the shiba inu pet which your playable character will adopt during the course of his second adventure, a hoverboard, additional women to date (including what could be a returning Tsukino Saotome) are some of the offerings included. The only concerning thing about the Detective Essentials pack is it implies challenging the Amon clan is gated behind paid dlc, which might be a sad first for the series.

On October 26, the School Stories Expansion pack will enhance the school activities that are already in the game. New people to challenge in the boxing club, a new bike and course for the motorcycle mini game, additional costumes and dance moves for the dance team mini game and a new robot for the robotics activity. Also a first for a RGG title, a fighting style gated behind paid dlc…boxing will be added to Yagami?s repertoire, joining the Tiger, Crane and Snake Style.

The final DLC offering announced is a sidestory. Dubbed The Kaito Files and due Spring 2022, you will take control of Yagami?s muscle, the former member of the Matsugane Family, Masaharu Kaito as he embarks on an independent story scenario. It is unknown if this adventure will tie into the core game, but rest assured faces will be punched and it will be interesting to see how Kaito will play like when compared to Yagami.

It is nice to see what already is a content filled title receive more content, however with this news I vacillate between excitement and disappointment. The realities of game production means alternate means of monetization has to be considered and The Kaito Files on the surface feels like the imaginary scenario of ?What if The Majima campaign in Yakuza Kiwami 2 was paid dlc? come to fruition. Nonetheless I am the same person who would pay any amount of money to have karaoke in Lost Judgment, so my judgement is already compromised. Nonetheless I need to prepare for my date with Tsukino-Chan…I wonder if she will be in Ijincho or Kamurocho? Lost Judgement will release on Xbox One, Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia September 24th.