Mass Effect Legendary Edition player choices revealed

It has been a little over 2 months since the Mass Effect trilogy has been released on modern platforms via the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (our review here) and a new generation has been getting to know Commander Shepard. The team at Bioware has released details of the choices the player base has been making as they traverse throughout the Milky Way. While a full catalog of player choice across the 3 titles would be a voluminous tome, here are some of the highlights which have been released to us in the form of this infographic. 

  • Despite the fervent demand to have female Shepard be on the cover art of the games, only 32% of players opted to play as female Shepard.
  • 52% of the player base deemed that Shepard was born on the 3rd rock from the sun.
  • While not exactly a looker, players loved Wrex enough to keep him alive on Virmire
  • The Turian Garrus was the most popular crewmate, but his presence didn?t affect his ability to survive the suicide mission
  • Meanwhile Tali managed 2nd place on seemingly opposite categories, as she was the 2nd most popular crewmate and the 2nd most likely to die in the suicide mission
  • Finally it seems like tension with the media exists in the Mass Effect universe as it does in the real world as 68% of players responded to the reporter?s questions with fisticuffs

So did your choices line up with what was reported, were there other choices that like to know how the player based decided on? Let?s hope Bioware follows up with another infographic as more players complete this fantastic trilogy.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition infographics: