Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition launching on PS5, Xbox Series X this fall

To celebrate the big 10th anniversary of the release of Kerbal Space Program, the publishing and development teams have released some big news, along with a new community video to celebrate the big milestone.

That big news being that native PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition are set to be launched this fall. Owners of the PS4 or Xbox One versions will get a free upgrade as well.

Of course the big sequel, which is due out in 2022 across newer platforms and PC, is apparently deep in development too, and we’ll find out more about that soon.

Check out the new trailer and the announcements below.

The Kerbal Effect:

Private Division, Squad, and BlitWorks today announced that Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S this fall. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on these consoles will benefit from multiple hardware advancements and developments which allow for an upgraded resolution, improved framerate, advanced shaders, better textures, and additional performance improvements. Originally released for PlayStation?4 and Xbox One in January 2018, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on the latest consoles will also provide full support for a mouse and keyboard. In addition, existing owners of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on PlayStation 4 will receive a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. Xbox One owners of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition can upgrade to Xbox Series X|S version upon launch free of charge. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will be available digitally for purchase for $39.99.

?Today marks the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the original release of Kerbal Space Program, and over the last decade the team has continued to iterate and grow this incredible space sim into what it is today,? said Grant Gertz, Franchise Producer at Private Division. ?Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on the latest generation of consoles marks yet another great milestone for the game, introducing new players to the franchise, as well as providing existing console players with an upgraded experience for free.?

In Kerbal Space Program, players take control of the development of the Kerbals? space exploration program. Grounded in realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics, the game presents multiple challenges both in the assembly of functional spacecraft and the flight of these vehicles. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition builds upon a strong foundation and incorporation of numerous content updates and improvements over the past decade with the franchise celebrating its 10th anniversary of the original game launch this week.

?It has been an amazing journey with Kerbal Space Program. We are so thankful to our community as we celebrate this monumental milestone of the game turning ten years old,” said Nestor Gomez, Head of Production at Squad. “Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition benefits from the advancements of new hardware, and we are excited to bring players a refreshed and refined experience with this release.”

Playing Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X results in a technical boost, with the action running at Quad high definition 1440p and an improved framerate over previous console versions. Xbox Series S runs Kerbal Space Program at 1080p and also boasts better framerate. The additional system memory on these consoles results in a more stable game experience and allows for an increase of part count on player?s crafts and contraptions. This release benefits from upgraded shaders and textures allowing for more stunning overall visual impressions for players. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is the most advanced version of KSP on consoles to date and is a great primer for players looking to prepare for the launch of Kerbal Space Program 2 next year, during Take-Two?s fiscal year 2023.

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Players who own copies of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition are eligible for a free upgrade to the new version of the game upon its release. The game will be available digitally and retails for $39.99. For more information on Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, subscribe on YouTube, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, and visit

Coming in 2022, during Take-Two?s fiscal year 2023, Kerbal Space Program 2 will launch on PC, via Steam and other digital storefronts, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles. Kerbal Space Program 2 is not yet rated by the ESRB.