Get a fresh new look for some party members in Genshin Impact 1.6

Have you made a home fit for a king in the Serenitea Pot, found the best hiding spots in the Windtrace event, made friends with the black sheep of a disgraced Mondstadtian clan? Well whether or not you did any of that Teyvat will keep on spinning and new content will be arriving to Genshin Impact on June 9th and this might be the most impactful one yet!

Klee, who’s spent more time in the Knights of Favonius confinement room than in my party (Why RNGesus…why!?!?) receives a letter from a mysterious entity known as the ?Dodo King? stating that it will be taking Klee?s Dodoco away. Recruiting the Traveler, you can take part in a set of time sensitive events to ensure that Dodoco remains with Klee. One of the bigger innovations for this event is the introduction to controllable boats. Hopefully the waverider will be incorporated outside of the event so traversing the various islands will no longer require using a Cyro character making ice walkways?

The other big innovation that will be introduced via this event will be big for Mihoyo…specifically financial bottom line. Costumes are coming to Genshin Impact! The sisters Jean and Barbara will be the first two members of the cast to get new looks. Jean?s summer outfit dubbed ?Sea Breeze Dandelion? will be a ?premium? purchase and Barbara?s look ?Summertime Sparkle? will be claimable after players complete certain feats in the Echoing Tales event. I look forward to the amount of costumes that will be coming out of the floodgates for players to collect, the completionist in me is sweating heavily.

The march to Inazuma is going albeit at a snail?s pace. This update will finally let players recruit a denizen of this long lauded but unseen place. Kaedehara Kazuha, an Anemo swordsman will be the highlighted character for 1.6?s character banners and acquiring him will cost players many a primogems. Players will also go on several mainline quests that will drop more clues about this mystery city that players have been chomping at the bit to set foot on. Mihoyo is dropping more crumbs in the form of some more concept art of locales. Summer is coming to Genshin Impact June 9th!

Genshin Impact 1.6 screens:

Version 1.6 “Midsummer Island Adventure” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 1.6 "Midsummer Island Adventure" Trailer | Genshin Impact

In the sweltering summer, a strange letter is discovered on the windowsill, with a spiraling fog shrouding a mystery far away.
Following the sound of the crashing waves to find the truth, sparks dance on the horizon as the fleeing sun shines brightly across the sky.
For her best friend and for the great adventure ahead, our youngest knight is ready to embark on her journey ? let’s go!

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