Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster announced for PC, Mobile

One of the more odd and abrupt announcements from the Square Enix E3 conference today was that they are working on “Pixel Remasters” of the first six Final Fantasy games, but apparently only for mobile and PC platforms. There was essentially nothing else revealed about this, beyond the teaser the trailer attached below. This doesn’t appear to be the same as the 2D HD remaster treatment that Dragon Quest III is getting, but ideally more will be revealed about this project soon.


During the SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS summer showcase, SQUARE ENIX today announced that the six original FINAL FANTASY® titles that inspired a generation of RPG Fans are coming to life once more in the FINAL FANTASY pixel remaster series. Fans and newcomers are invited to dive into six masterpieces that bridge the ages with unique tales of epic adventure. The company will release the beloved titles individually, from FINAL FANTASY I through FINAL FANTASY VI, for Steam and mobile platforms

FINAL FANTASY I, FINAL FANTASY II, FINAL FANTASY III, FINAL FANTASY IV, FINAL FANTASY V, and FINAL FANTASY VI are not yet rated. More information to be revealed at a later date.