Unboxing the Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Press Kit

The world created after the Conception in Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster is a harsh place. A mix of the remnants of the old world and what seems like a twisted zen garden, only the toughest will survive. The fine folks at Atlus being the merciful beings they are, sent over a care package for those of us in the press who had to embark into the Vortex World early (our review here). Given the thought put into the kit, it would be a sin not to share the contents with the world.

The face of the box invokes the image you would see when visiting a store in game. Rather than the usual Manikin shopkeeper, the proprietor of this ?shop? is none other than the unofficial mascot of the SMT series, Jack Frost. The inner flap of the box reveals the contents of the box mimicking the shop menu, listing the contents of the box and it?s perceived value in Macca, the currency of the Vortex World.

The contents of this care package are cushioned with yellow and white paper. I tried and failed to deduce the significance of this filler, but if I were planning this package I would have opted to use red paper, to mimic Magatsuhi, the mysterious substance sought by all factions in the post-Conception world. Without further delay here is what?s in the box.

  • Mysterious Medallion – Emblazoned with the text ?Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series?, no one is quite sure what powers this medallion holds.
  • Token of a New Friend – If you were friends with Jack Frost, who wouldn?t want to tell the world, affix this on your jacket or a bag, although I?m not sure where the Demi-Fiend would put this given he?s not much of a top covering kind of guy.
  • Demon Repellent Socks – Not something you?d want to wear if you?re looking to negotiate with a lot of demons, but when you?re low on health and supplies perhaps these will be the difference between making it to the closest Fountain of Life or death.
  • Demon Negotiator Badge – This adhesive badge featuring a pentagram will indicate to demons that you?re willing to talk, thus lowering their guard
  • Demon Camouflage Mask – More of a sign of our current situation, these masks which will put the smile of Jack Frost or Black Frost on your face and may help defend against certain virus which grinded our world (The real one) to a near halt.
  • Ayakashi Interview Notebook – An embossed notebook which bears the name of the publication that Hijiri Jyouji writes for. Will you fill it?s pages with all the weirdness going on or keep track of the potential demon fusions you can make, but currently can?t control?
  • Bag of Holding – A bag which can be worn around the waist, what can it hold? Perhaps all the Magatama you haven?t ingested.

Surely every item will help ensure one?s safe journey into the Vortex World. However not having this package will not prevent one from thriving post-Conception, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster offers a robust amount of features which can ease one?s struggle. Be it the Merciful difficulty setting or the two extra dungeons which can reduce the grind of accruing EXP and Macca (These dungeons are bundled in for purchasers of the Deluxe bundle or available as a la carte DLC).

The title is now available on the Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and PC, do your part to shape the new world.