Earthbound/Undertale-ish RPG Oddventure moseys onto Kickstarter

A localized Mother 3 will never come, but that doesn?t mean that the cottage industry of games inspired by Shigesato Itoi?s whimsical RPG won?t be around to fill the void. Today another title enters the fray with a kickstarter and in a very welcomed move, an actual playable demo in Steam and Oddventure stars Charlie, an angsty teenager who has to find her little brother who seems to have wandered into a twisted fairytale world. The art style definitely apes the art style of the Mother/Earthbound games and some mechanics seem similar to mechanics from Undertale, another title inspired by the neglected Nintendo IP.

The Kickstarter seems to be off to a brisk start having already accrued around 20% of their goal and they?re not exactly promising the moon (Only 2 platforms for release, PC and Nintendo Switch). Having an actual demo is a rare sight for a campaign and it definitely helps potential funders make their decision. The proposed release date is still a ways away (Q3 2022), but I definitely will be keeping this title on my radar and hope their crowdfunding campaign will be a success.

Oddventure Kickstarter launch trailer!:

Oddventure Kickstarter launch trailer!

Oddventure screens:

Oddventure, from developer Infamous Rabbit and publisher Pineapple Works, has a 30-day Kickstarter campaign launching today, for gathering funds to support the game?s development. Oddventure is a lore-rich turn-based crazy JRPG set in a cursed fairytale world inspired by games like Earthbound and Undertale.

The game is going to be published by Pineapple Works on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2022.

Oddventure is a JRPG where you play as Charlie – a nihilistic and rebellious teenage girl with anger issues and social awkwardness. Your search for troublesome younger brother Bonzo is also looking for a way back home. The setting for Charlie?s misadventures is the Kingdom of Luxia, a land taken straight out of original Grimm Brothers? fairy tales with a dark, Nietzschean twist.

Key Features

  • Meaningful choices ? EVERY decision matters, sometimes in the most unpredictable
  • ways.
  • The friendly JRPG where nobody has to die… but can. In a horrible way.
  • Countless hidden secrets, references to pop culture and fairy tales.
  • Bitter-sweet comedy mixed with some coziness and dark humor.
  • Frog milk as a currency.
  • A life-changing gaming experience.
  • A free demo of the game is already available on the game?s Steam page.