Xbox Games Store Update – Tacticool Champs, Ion Fury, Thy Sword, Huntdown

xbox_logoWhile not quite as many options as last week’s big update, there’s still plenty of new digital titles to potentially check out on the Xbox Games Store this week.

A couple releases include Tacticool Champs, Ion Fury, Thy Sword, Huntdown, Halo 2: Anniversary, Super Mega Baseball 3, Formula Retro Racing and quite a few others.

There’s also this week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale. And as always, see all the latest and greatest releases here on the Xbox Games Store.

Tacticool Champs
Tacticool Champs combines the best features of shooter and arcade game, where up to four players fight with each other in a closed arena.

Formula Retro Racing
Formula Retro Racing is a retro style arcade racing game that?s influenced by the classic arcade racing games of the early 90?s. Featuring fast and exciting gameplay, crisp low poly visuals, retro soundtrack and high speed action.

Mecho Collection
Bundle containing both Mecho Tales and Mecho Wars. Mecho Tales: An all-new adventure in the world of Mecho Wars! Run and shoot through chaotic platforming levels filled with spikes, bottomless pits and an army of deadly robots.

Ion Fury
Shelly ?Bombshell? Harrison takes on a quest to slay evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel in the streets of Neo DC. She leaves a trail of carnage throughout huge, multi-path levels filled with gigantic explosions, more secret areas than we can count, and inhuman foes behind every corner.

Deep Rock Galactic
Supports Xbox Play Anywhere: yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost. Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters.

Super Mega Baseball 3
Super Mega Baseball 3 refines the series? formula with the deepest on-field simulation yet, comprehensive online and offline game modes including a brand new Franchise mode, and vastly improved graphics.

Portal Knights – Legendary Edition
Become a Portal Knight in legendary fashion! In a world torn apart by the Fracture and terrorized by the Hollow King, you and your friends are its only hope!

Divinity: Original Sin – The Source Saga
This bundle includes both Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition, the sequel. Both games and their DLCs will be available in your library after purchase.

Halo 2: Anniversary
Halo 2: Anniversary comes to PC as the next installment in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Potata: fairy flower
This adventure platformer tells a story of a young witch exploring fairy forests to find herself and save her home. Join her quest now!

Thy Sword
Thy Sword is a retro inspired hack and slash roguelike with procedural generated levels. Pick from different hero types like the Barbarian and Valkyrie to break the tyranny of the Dark Overlord!

Crime doesn?t pay ? Unless you?re a bounty hunter! In the mayhem-filled streets of the future where criminal gangs rule and cops fear to tread, only the bounty hunters can free the city from the corrupt fist of felony.