SNK shows off Samurai Shodown – Season Pass 2 content

The release date and new content for the upcoming Samurai Shodown – Season Pass 2 has been mostly revealed by SNK today.

If you’re looking for Mina (originally from Samurai Shodown V), Sogetsu (from Samurai Shodown IV) and/or Iroha (from Samurai Shodown VI)… you’re in luck! There’s also a 4th characters that SNK isn’t revealing quite yet as you can see below. Mina will be the first available, when she is unlocked next month. Those who are waiting for the Nintendo Switch version of the game that is slated to launch on February 27th, 2020 will get all characters from Season 1 and Season 2 on day one.

See the new media below.

Samurai Shodown – Season Pass 2 screens:

SAMURAI SHODOWN / SAMURAI SPIRITS ? Season Pass 2: New DLC Characters:


SNK CORPORATION has announced today that critically acclaimed SAMURAI SHODOWN, nominated for Best Fighting Game at THE GAME AWARDS 2019, will feature 4 brand-new DLC characters including Mina, Sogetsu, and Iroha for the 2nd Season. In addition to all the previous Season 1 characters, this new content will also be available for the Nintendo Switch version of the game scheduled for release on February 25th.

Season 2 DLC characters will be released starting in February 2020!
Legendary SAMURAI SHODOWN characters return to the battlefield! Mina will be the first available DLC character for Season 2 and is slated for a February 2020 release! Followed by Sogetsu, then Iroha?with a fourth DLC character being released sometime later. More detailed information will be announced soon!