Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Heartland review for PlayStation VR

Platform: PlayStation VR
Publisher: SIEA
Developer: First Contact Entertainment
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-4
Online: Yes

Still reigning as one of the best VR games to hit the PlayStation 4/PlayStation VR, Firewall Zero Hour is a tactical online FPS where you form up teams and try to take control or defend a computer located somewhere on the map. You can check out my original review here, and the first expansion, here. Operation Heartland is the Third major expansion and it adds even more goodness to an already great game.

Following the release of Operation: Dark Web (the second expansion), Heartland adds even more missions with tons of cosmetic rewards for your Arsenal and for your preferred Contractor. Two completely new Contractors “Bear” and “Dom” are now ready to fight (Dom is being released a bit later on), and they bring new weapons such as the Z1 Reaper and (finally) the Concussion Mine, which really adds to the overall strategy of game play. One exclusive freebie is the Blood & Truth trinket, available for free when you download the new expansion. Sony London Studio partnered with First Contact to bring a cool cosmetic extra for your guns. It looks neat, but doesn’t really add anything to the weapon. Still, a nice little extra!

Also available are two brand new maps, the first being the Prepper. This map is loaded with more enclosed spaces than most other maps, but also some great strategic spots to plan your attack. The attention to detail really make you feel like you are in an abandoned Prep Bunker. The Second new map is called “Gauntlet” but sadly was not available at the time of review as it is scheduled to be released later this month. According to the developers, “Gauntlet is a training ground located in the state of Virginia, and will be an instant favorite for fans of Firewall Zero Hour?s Shoot house map.”

The New Contractor “Bear” is a hunter type that has fantastic stealth skill. He can go undetected in places, making him a dangerous opponent. His TC1 Crossbow is also a fine weapon with incredible range! I was not able to test “Dom” because he is being released later on in November but his official description states that is the first Contractor from France, and his Skill of ?Survivalist? will allow players to receive an additional downed state.

As before, The Op-Pass will be $9.99, while a pack of 5 Hack Keys will be $4.99. Also, offered again is the Op-Pass and 25 Hack Keys in a bundle for $29.99. Hack Keys are a great option for players who don?t have as much time to play and the can get rewards faster. Also, if you have any Hack Keys left over from last season you can use them on Missions this season.
Once again, First Contact has done a wonderful job keeping this game alive. It seems every expansion keeps getting better. I love that this game is getting continued support as it is still one of the best PSVR experiences available. Some may not like the overall presentation, but even players that don’t really like tactical shooters can have a great time here. The community is also lively and fantastic so you should never have problems connecting. Firewall Zero Hour is a must play if you own a VR system. Let’s hope these expansions keep bringing all of the awesome for years to come!

Note: SIEA provided us with Firewall Zero Hour – Operation: Nightfall PS4 codes/keys for review purposes.

Grade: A