The future of ARK: Survival Evolved to be revealed tomorrow

Studio Wildcard has been super busy teasing a new update of some sort for ARK: Survival Evolved (or maybe the franchise), and has finally set a date in which fans will be able to find out what’s up.

Tomorrow, August 8th, 2019 at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET via Twitch, the future of Ark will be revealed. Their official teaser site has been interesting to say the least, with some hints to decode, but no real answers.

Check out the big reveal tomorrow, and see the announcement below.

Want to find out what Studio Wildcard has been working on for ARK: Survival Evolved? Tune in at 10:00AM PST, Thursday, August 8, for an exciting new announcement on their Twitch channel! With the successful launch of the vast and diverse ARK Valguero map on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in the past weeks, Studio Wildcard has been busy working on what?s coming next for the future of ARK.

Until then, keep checking back on this interactive countdown timer where more will gradually be revealed: