Mighty Switch Force! Collection review for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Also on: PS4, Xbox One, Steam
Publisher: WayForward
Developer: WayForward
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-4
Online: N/A
ESRB: E10+

This is the Mighty Switch Force! Collection and if you?re in the mood for some puzzle platform action then you?re in the right place! So for those not familiar with the games this was originally a 3DS game that spawned a sequel and remake and a multiplayer outing with Mighty Switch Force! Academy which all have bite sized stages to complete and master.

And if you haven?t played these games then the goal is simple with you taking charge of rounding up a bunch of cute girls who have escaped from prison in the first game and in part two you?re part of a fire brigade and rescuing said girls from certain death! The catch is that you must turn certain platforms on or off in order to reach said girls and this is where the real challenge begins. Swapping the platforms while standing in front of one will smash both enemies or you into the screen which will cost a heart so the chance of setbacks is as much on you as it is with environmental hazards and said enemies.

But the challenge is fair with each game being lots of fun to play with good controls and stage layouts. Once you round up the girls you can then try for a speed run for each stage to get under the par time is where the pressure really comes in since the par times are very demanding and will keep you coming back to do a better job.

So with everything in one place on the collection I like to hop between the games to mix it up when I wanted a change of pace from shooting bad guys to putting out fires. And Mighty Switch Force! 1 and 2 offer this variation but the Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is exactly what you?d expect with a remaster of the first game and cartoon graphics instead of pixels. So it?s nice to have but nothing too different from what?s on offer. Mighty Switch Force! Academy features local multiplayer so if you?re on a Switch in portable then get out your microscopes because every level is all on one screen! And if you?re playing on a big screen then get out your beers because it?s a good time to test your skill with or against some friends.

Overall this is a good collection of fun games but it?s simply a collection with no extras. We played the Switch version and it?s great with HD rumble and taking on the go just like on the 3DS but it?s also nice to see the games in all their glory on a TV. And they do look good and the music is very enjoyable even outside the game. Sometimes I boot it up just to enjoy the tunes and the game is something to do while I?m listening.

So if you haven?t checked the Mighty Switch Force games out yet then the Mighty Switch Force! Collection is a great way to do it. But if you already have access to them then it?s nothing to go out of your way for as it is just a collection. The fun factor is still here though so they?re still a good time even today.

Note: WayForward provided us with a Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch code for review purposes

Grade: B+