Get to know Zane in the new Borderlands 3 – Vault Hunters character trailer series

The steady drip of new Borderlands 3 info and media has begun, and Gearbox today dropped off the first trailer in an upcoming video series showcasing the new roster of Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters.

This first character trailer focuses on Zane Flynt, known as the Operative. Check out the new media below along with some character screens of him in action as well. The other new characters will get their own profile trailer videos in the near future, we’re sure before the official September 13th, 2019 launch.

Borderlands 3 – Zane Character Trailer: “Friends Like Zane”:

Borderlands 3 - Zane Character Trailer: "Friends Like Zane"

Borderlands 3 – Zane character profile screens:

Borderlands 3 features four brand new playable Vault Hunters, each with their own unique abilities and action skills. But what about their personalities? What makes our new cast of heroes tick? Don?t worry, we?re here to share a little insight.

First up: Zane Flynt, the grizzled tech-wielding Operative. Catch his character profile trailer on YouTube or on now, and stay tuned for similar profiles of Moze the Gunner, Amara the Siren, and Fl4k the Beastmaster in the near future.

Borderlands 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13.