Square Enix unveils Marvel’s Avengers coming May 15th, 2020

While we’ve known for quite a while that developer Crystal Dynamics has been working on an Avengers game, last night was the first time we’ve had any clue on what that game actually is. During their E3 presentation, we got a story focused trailer, a release date, and a rough idea of what Marvel’s Avengers is going to be.

The presented footage focused primarily on Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk. The concept focuses on a disbanded group of Avengers in a world that has now outlawed superheroes. Developer Crystal Dynamics hinted at more superheroes and scenarios being introduced to the game over time, leading some credence to those Games as a Service (GaaS) rumors, but promises this will not be a loot box / pay-to-win kind of game.

I’d still like to see a little more on how the game actually plays, but for now check out the announcement trailer attached below.

Marvel’s Avengers trailer:

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Trailer E3 2019 [EN ESRB]

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