Blaster Master Zero 2 review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: N/A

So here’s Blaster Master Zero 2 for the Nintendo Switch. And if you’re like me then you probably have a good idea of what Blaster Master is all about and how amazing the reboot of Blaster Master Zero on Switch and 3DS was.

But just in case this is all new to you then the Blaster Master games started all the way back on NES and were super good even then! Over the years the series kind of disappeared but luckily Inti Creates saw an opportunity to revive this unique series and took it back to its roots. And then make a sequel for the reboot!

You play as the scientist Jason who pilots a rover-like craft called GAIA-SOPHIA with the help of your android co-pilot Eve. The game takes place in two modes which consist of a 2D side scrolling platformer where you will explore and blast away all types of monsters. Jason can also exit G-SOPHIA at any time which will be useful to get into small spaces and enter areas where he is the focus in a top-down shooting section.

If it sounds complicated then that’s because there’s a lot going on but the game is actually very easy to pick up and play and you get used to it in no time. It also helps mix things up so you’re not spending all your time in just G-SOPHIA.

The story also picks up after the events of Blaster Master Zero but now instead of exploring one giant planet you will travel between different zones each with their own unique planets and smaller planetoids. These planetoids are especially great since they act as mini stages for G-SOPHIA and all have great loot to collect.

I really liked this since it gives more freedom and variety. Some of the planets are so weird and it’s just great to see the team going all-out with the visuals. You will also encounter other pilots like yourself which means more boss fights both overhead and in G-SOPHIA. The overall theme of this sequel is just more of everything. It’s even more difficult! But you have infinite lives and the challenge is more a test of your skill instead of a game that is hard for no reason.

And this time G-SOPHIA will replenish SP by taking damage which means falling from a large height or being hit by enemies. But only taking a hit will also reduce your HP so jump off a bride without thinking! You also have lots of new weapons and abilities to enjoy. And luckily they can be turned on or off like the wall jumping that automatically lets G-SOPHIA grip walls but in dangerous environments might grab a surface which leads to accidentally jumping away from it into a one hit death. I also like Jason?s new counter ability which lets you slow time and destroy enemies who would rather see you dead. This takes a little to get the hang of but you will want to look for a target to appear above them for your window of opportunity. And overall the game handles wonderfully except for traversing between ladders. God help you if you see a ladder that you have to jump at!

At this point I have few complaints about the game. I wish jumping between ladders was more forgiving and I found myself really only using two or three of the guns Jason has in his overhead section. The others just felt like filler when compared to how useful his shooting inventory was in Blaster Master Zero. On the SOPHIA side everything feels like a fun new toy and you will need to experiment with abilities to tackle some of the tougher boss fights.

We already talked about visuals but it goes without saying if you like what you see in screenshots and video then you?ll love the look of this game either docked or portable. In terms of sound it has that classic old school crunchiness but in a good way and with a very good soundtrack to compliment things.

So if you can?t tell I?m a huge fan of what Inti Creates did with Blaster Master Zero 2 and think it?s well deserving of the series name. It?s a ?blast? to play for those who want a great action game whether or not you?re a fan of retro games. But by now with so many retro inspired games on the eShop both this and the first Blaster Master stand at the top of the offerings as true must-haves.

Inti Creates provided us with a Blaster Master Zero 2 Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: A+