Bungie is going all-in with Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter

Bungie is going all-in on their Drifter/gambit themed new season for Destiny 2: Forsaken, and we’re really, really liking what we’re seeing so far.  I mean, as someone who has grinded away at achieving the esteemed Dredgen seal/title, there’s no doubt this is right up our alley.

Kicking off on March 5th for season pass holders and regular Destiny 2 players alike, the full season of content looks chock full of new activities and gear all around.

We have the intense Gambit Prime coming, which is a whole new type of experience, complete with combat specialities, armor sets with perks, a pair of new maps and more. Then there’s The Reckoning PvE activity, new weapons and armor, lore, and then there’s a power boost to 640 and ranking reset with all new rewards.

See the timeline and roadmap below, along with the in-depth Bungie ViDoc video for all the details and a look at the new gear, gameplay and backstory.

Bungie ViDoc ? Season of the Drifter:

Bungie ViDoc – Season of the Drifter

Destiny 2 updated timeline:

Oh and the previously unnamed summer season which kicks off in June now has a name: Season of Opulence.

See the details on the official Season of the Drifter page too as well as below.

For every player of Destiny 2, the Season of the Drifter will bring a new offering of rewards and challenges. As ranks in Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard activities reset, new pinnacle weapons will beckon Guardians to reach their maximum potential again. The first spring event for Destiny will reveal a familiar forest in bloom with fresh loot. Across the spectrum of action and activity, you?ll earn more Power, Triumphs, lore, and vanity.

Players who own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass will receive our second extension for the Destiny endgame. This time, it?s the Drifter who will be your dealer, with evolutions of that little game he calls Gambit and a dangerous alliance with the Nine.

Here are some developers from our team to talk about what we have planned for your Guardians.

With the beginning of a new season, some of our earlier promises come into clearer focus. The calendar for the year of gameplay that began with Forsaken has received updates with some new details for you to ponder.

The Allegiance quest, previously forecast as the Joker?s Wild weekly quest, will invite you to choose between the Vanguard and the Drifter. Pick a side to progress through the quest from their perspective. This pledge is character based, so if you have more than one Guardian, you can play both sides. Choose wisely!

Invitations of the Nine, once upon a time referred to as X?r Bounties, will be an exploration of the Nine and their mysterious place in the universe.

The path begins with X?r on Friday, March 15. Annual Pass owners will be able to pick up an ?Invitation of the Nine? from X?r. Once the objectives are completed, it will transform into a bounty called ?Into the Unknown.? These will be available to complete once per character, similar to the bounties you got at the beginning of Forsaken for completing an activity with a full gear set. Week over week, for Nine weeks, you?ll collect new lore and powerful rewards.

For Annual Pass holders, the rest of the Season of the Drifter packs in new combat specialties to embrace and new challenges to master. Like Season of the Forge, this journey will roll out over time, but the Drifter has plenty of action for players to experience on day one. If you think your Power is low and you want to get caught up to the rest of the community, see the Drifter to complete his new Power Surge Bounties. There are enough of them to bring your level-50 characters up to 640 Power.

Here is a more in-depth view of what you can expect during the Season of the Drifter.

The dates above lead to new activities, new realizations about the worlds you?ve been exploring, and (most importantly) new rewards to make your Guardian more powerful in some surprising ways.

You can learn more about everything we have planned on our Season of the Drifter page.

Mark your calendars. We?ll see you in the wild.