Ticket To Ride review for PS4

Platform: PS4
Publisher: Asmodee Digital
Developer: Asmodee Digital
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-5
Online: No

It?s important to focus on the good when it comes to talking about the PS4 version of Ticket to Ride.

After all, if you don?t, it?s easy to get bogged down by its flaws and nitpick it to death. While it?s not a full price game — which is roughly how much you?d have to pay to buy a physical version of the board game — you?re still paying significantly more to play Ticket to Ride on PS4 than you?d pay to play it on your iOS/Android device, even though the experience is mostly the same. For that matter, it?s twice as much as you?d pay for the Xbox 360 version, which, again, is almost exactly the same, only the 360 version doesn?t let you/require you to control the game with your phone (and, obviously, looks a little less clean and crisp).

In other words, you?re paying a PlayStation tax for an experience that?s not really any different than you can get on a variety of other devices at a much cheaper price. If you?ve ever played the game anywhere else, this version probably isn?t going to wow you.

Of course, if you have played it anywhere else, you?ll realize that there?s nothing really wrong with that. It?s become a classic board game for a reason, and the fact that Asmodee Digital have transferred that experience onto the PS4 without losing anything deserves to be celebrated.

For those people who haven?t yet been fortunate enough to play Ticket to Ride, here it is in a nutshell: it?s a puzzle game in which you?re building a railroad network on a map. You draw different-coloured cards, and race your fellow players to collect enough colours to claim lines connecting cities. Whoever lays down the most track while also creating certain lines (i.e. New York to Los Angeles, or Seattle to Miami) wins.

It?s not a complex game (and if I made it sound like one, that?s because I?m terrible at describing things), but that?s what makes it so fun and so addictive. It?s easy enough that you could play with almost literally anyone, and it?s challenging enough that you won?t get bored by it, even if you?re playing solo.

In fact, just about the only reason not to get Ticket to Ride on PS4 is if you?ve played it to death elsewhere at a much cheaper price — which, to be fair, is probably a lot of people. Still, if you?re looking for a way to experience a classic board game on your PS4, Ticket to Ride offers exactly that.

Asmodee Digital provided us with a Ticket to Ride PS4 code for review purposes.

Grade: B+