Instant Tennis review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: BreakFirst
Developer: BreakFirst
Medium: Digital
Players: 1-2
Online: No

It?s important to not expect too much out of Instant Tennis. After all, it?s a casual game geared towards people who still pine for Wii Sports — to the point it even has motion controls, and it explicitly says you can have tournaments with up to 8 people (assuming, of course, no one minds waiting their turn).

In other words, if you go in expecting something that?ll compete with Mario Tennis Aces, Instant Tennis is definitely not that. Whereas Mario Tennis, at least in its most recent iteration, was all about the bells and whistles, Instant Tennis is all about…well, tennis.

To some extent, that?s fine. If you just want a quick match or a short tournament, Instant Tennis will let you do that. The controls are also incredibly easy to pick up and remember — and if you can?t remember them, the game offers you a helpful reminder before each and every match. You can also build up your player a little (and unlock additional courts and characters, though they?re not all that different from each other) by playing through the tournaments.

And that?s all there is to Instant Tennis. There aren?t any memorable characters; the graphics and music are pretty generic; the controls, while easy and functional, don?t wow you.

Of course, given that we?re talking about a budget casual title and not some expensive extravaganza, this is probably all you should expect out of Instant Tennis — which is why I started this review off with that exact admonishment. There?s not a lot here, but what is here will provide you with a pleasantly decent experience.

BreakFirst provided us with an Instant Tennis Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: B