Pick up a Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle next week

Nintendo today announced a handy-dandy Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle for those looking to pick up the fun new Nintendo Switch title (our review here), or a new set of Joy-Cons (or both).

The bundle hits retail on November 16th and includes a copy of the game and a colorful set of Neon Green/Neon Yellow Joy-Con controllers for only $99. So a pretty good deal which could save gamers at least $40 if purchased separately.

See the announcement below.

The Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch system provides some of the most fun four-player party action this side of the Mushroom Kingdom! And to give prospective owners of the game the ability to play with four players right out of the box, Nintendo is offering a bundle that includes the Super Mario Party game and a pair of Neon Green/Neon Yellow Joy-Con controllers. The bundle will hit stores on Nov. 16 at a suggested retail price of $99.99 while supplies last. This is a great value for shoppers, as they will save almost $40 when compared to buying Super Mario Party and two Joy-Con controllers separately. Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers, so anyone that opens this gift during the holiday season will be able to start a four-player Super Mario Party with surrounding friends and family members right away!

Super Mario Party is the newest game in the long-running Mario Party series ? and the first on Nintendo Switch. In the game, the much-loved four-player original board game mode is back with new features like character-specific Dice Blocks that add strategy to each roll. Players can compete in 80 minigames that use the Joy-Con controllers in fun ways, as well as new ways to play like the cooperative River Survival mode. For the first time in series history, party-goers can play sets of minigames online with other players. (Nintendo Switch Online membership is required and sold separately.) And in the new Toad?s Rec Room mode, two players that each own Super Mario Party can pair their Nintendo Switch systems, lay them flat and participate in some mode-specific minigames that combine both screens in creative ways.

For more information about Super Mario Party, visit https://supermarioparty.nintendo.com/.