Get all your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game info and media here

Nintendo’s much anticipated E3 2018 Direct event was dedicated mostly to Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch (now officially dubbed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) but here’s some more media and game details if you want them! New E3 assets include plenty of screens, character art, a trailer, a fact sheet and more as you can see below.

Thankfully, Nintendo’s most important Nintendo Switch releases of the foreseeable future will make the holidays and is scheduled for a December 7th, 2018 release.

See the details and media below!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – E3 2018 – Nintendo Switch:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screens:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters/box art/GameCube controller:

And of course, the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fact sheet.

Legendary game worlds and fighters collide in the ultimate showdown?a new entry in the Super Smash Bros. series for the Nintendo Switch system! New fighters, like Inkling from the Splatoon series and Ridley from the Metroid series, make their Super Smash Bros. series debut alongside every Super Smash Bros. fighter in the series…EVER! Faster combat, new items, new attacks, new defensive options, and more will keep the battle raging whether you?re at home or on the go.


  • A new game in the Super Smash Bros. series releases Dec. 7, 2018
  • New fighters, new stages, AND every ..ghter ever featured in the series?EVER!
  • Inkling from the Splatoon series join the roster
  • Ridley from the Metroid series also joins the fight
  • Returning fighters include Wolf, Ice Climbers, Pok?mon Trainer and more
  • Elevate the Super Smash Bros. experience to new heights with faster combat, new attacks, new items, and new defensive options
  • Hold a 4 player free-for-all, or kick it up to 8-player battles*
  • All current Super Smash Bros. series amiibo figures are supported