Check out the new Destiny 2 competitive multiplayer trailer

Beyond what we saw in the recent open beta and our hands-on preview, Bungie still has a lot to reveal regarding Destiny 2 for example, the enhanced and updated competitive Crucible PvP mode.

The maps and modes in Destiny 2 are fine tuned for 4 vs 4 competitive play, and although we personally liked the larger Destiny 2 fireteams, we’re willing to keep an open mind here.

Check out some of the Crucible modes in action below.

Destiny 2 – Official Competitive Multiplayer Trailer:

Destiny 2 gives players a host of new 4v4 modes and maps for the ultimate competitive multiplayer experience.

Whether you’re conquering the zones in ‘Control’, fighting to attack or defend a detonation in ‘Countdown’, or outlasting your opponents in ‘Survival’, Destiny 2 offers these gameplay modes and more for competitive and casual players alike.

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