Meet more of the Dragon Quest Heroes II heroes

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Heroes sequel is going to be chock full of characters when it hits the PS4 and PC… oh, next week or so.  Fifteen in total for those who are counting.

The latest batch of roster additions are from Dragon Quest IV and include Torneko Taloon, Alena and Kiryl.

Check them out in action below, and make sure to check back for a review when the game launches on April 25th.

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II – Meet the Heroes, Part VII: Alena, Kiryl & Torneko:

Today’s release of the “Meet the Heroes” trailer rounds out the 15 playable characters that appear in the action-RPG, DRAGON QUEST HEROES II, which launches on April 25th. The latest entry in this video series features DRAGON QUEST IV’s rogue trader and newcomer to the series, Torneko Taloon, and his array of unconventional weapons that plow through hordes of enemies. The video also showcases fan-favorites and returning heroes from DRAGON QUEST IV, Alena, the vivacious martial artist, and Kiryl, her steadfast defender.

The “Meet the Heroes, Part VII: Alena, Kiryl & Torneko” trailer is available to view on YouTube:https://youtu.be/-v9wssYHH6Y.

The entire “Meet the Heroes” video series is available on the official Dragon Quest YouTube channel (http://bit.ly/DQH2Hero), where fans can familiarize themselves with heroes both old and new:

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