Ubisoft releases free demo/full game trial for Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a surprisingly fun and competent open world crime drama title with a self-aware hacker and technology twist, which earned it a solid B+ from this very site.  We’re not sure if sales were not quite what they hoped for, or if Ubisoft is just trying to make gamers more aware of the release, but they are making a free 3 hour “full game trial” available for PS4 and Xbox One gamers beginning this week.

Starting today, the free PS4 trial will be downloadable via the PlayStation Store, with the Xbox One free trial following up Tuesday of next week on January 24th.

The trial will be full featured and include all the seamless online functionality, and game progress will transfer over to the full version for those who wish to purchase it in the future.  Not a bad deal…

See a new trailer for the game below.

Watch Dogs 2 Demo Trailer: Play For Free:

It’s definitely worth taking for a spin for those who have not already.

Watch Dogs 2 – PlayStation 4 (Video Game)

Manufacturer:  UBI Soft
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