LET IT DIE tops 1 million PS4 downloads

Tyler had an awesome time with GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture’s LET IT DIE when he had some early hands on time with the free-to-download “hack-and-slash survival action” title, and it looks like post launch, the game has gained quite the following. Oh, and we’d like to assume that our interview with the title’s game director, the legendary Hideyuki Shin, somehow helped as well.

Anywho, in the span of one month, the PS4 game has amassed over 1 million downloads from the PlayStation Store in North America and Europe.  That doesn’t even factor in the upcoming February 2nd, 2017 launch in Japan.

To celebrate, GungHo and Grasshopper are giving away a Death Metal per day for all players who log in every day from January 6th through the 8th.  So if you;re an active player, a new player or someone who put the game on hold for a bit, now is the time to jump back in for the free bonus items.

Hop on over to the PlayStation Store to try the game for yourself.