Bridge Constructor review for PS4, Xbox One

Platform: PS4
Also On: Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG
Developer: ClockStone Software
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: Yes

When you first hear the name “Bridge Constructor”, you may think it’s a frustrating simulation game with quirky controls and hundreds of menus that are difficult to navigate. Thankfully,  the actual Bridge Constructor is not as boring as it may sound. It’s simple, challenging and, above all, actually fun to play.

You take the role of a foreman that is given the task of rebuilding all of the bridges after a massive earthquake destroyed them all. You are given a set budget and material in each area to rebuild solid bridges so cars and trucks can cross the giant gaps. The entire goal is to make a solid bridge and use as little money as possible to maximum score. As you progress, you are given new material such as concrete pillars and cables to reinforce larger bridges. You pass the stage and score points when cars can safely make it to the goal, and you can earn more points if your bridge is strong enough for moving trucks and large tankers to make it. Most of the time, you will think your bridge is good enough, only to see structure begin to crumble and fall apart. It’s here where the humorous physics come into play, as the cars, trucks and tankers will fly through the air and even defy gravity in some amusing ways. The physics engine used mostly applies to the bridges and how they stay together and does not affect the vehicles, so sometimes you can complete the stage even if your bridge completely falls apart. As long as the vehicles make it to the goal, you win.

Also included is a special mode called Slope Mania, where you are given a set budget to build some huge sloping bridges. It’s challenging and sometimes frustrating to try to get a perfect slope that doesn’t completely crumble when any weight is applied, but it is super satisfying when you finally get one to work. This is more of a mode for bridge building experts as it will challenge even the most professional builder!

Control is fairly simple, with a nice grid to show you where you can place part of a structure. It can get a little frustrating trying to move your cursor to where you want, as the game has limits on how big a bridge part can be stretched. Overtime you get a feel for everything and you will be making great bridges in no time.

The entire presentation of Bridge Constructor is simple and easy to understand. No hard to navigate menus or overly frustrating controls, just a simple interface that anyone can use. The graphics are also simple, but have a decent look to them. Backgrounds have some nice detail and most animations look smooth. The audio sounds good, especially when your bridge starts to collapse or one of the tankers explodes. The horrifying sounds of breaking wood and crashing metal will make you wince as you watch everything you’ve built come crashing down. Thankfully, There is a nice selection of calming music in the background to lower your anxiety a little.

I was genuinely surprised as to how long I played Bridge Constructor. At first I thought it was a cheap simulator, but after hours of play, I was actually having fun. Even when my bridges would being to fall apart, I was rooting for the vehicles to keep going and reach the goal. Even when they didn’t reach, watching them fly through air or explode was just as fun, and motivated me to make a better bridge. It takes a little time to get into, and the presentation is simple, but you will have a good time the more you stick with it. It’s fun, affordable and very addictive. Try it out today!

Grade: B