NieR: Automata PS4 demo available today, includes FFXV and Dragon Quest weapons

NieR: Automata is looking really, really awesome these days and it’s pretty obvious that Square Enix and Platinum Games is putting forth a lot of effort into their unique new action RPG.

So starting today, PS4 owners can take the new demo out for a test drive by downloading it from the PlayStation Store (once it’s available). As an extra special perk, Square Enix announced that iconic weapons from Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest will be made available in the demo.

For now, check out the new trailer and screens.

NieR: Automata – Iconic Crossover Weapons trailer:

NieR: Automata demo screens:

NieR: Automata is still queued up for a March 7th, 2017 release for those looking to pick up a copy.

Starting today, fans can experience the machine-ruled dystopia of action-RPG NieR: Automata, as SQUARE ENIX released a playable demo through the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system. Available now as a free download, the demo transports players to an abandoned factory, following android 2B’s mission to destroy a massive enemy weapon that lies within.

Additionally, a new trailer was released, showing off the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XV and DRAGON QUEST collaborations in which android 2B will be able to equip Noctis’s signature weapon, the “Engine Blade” from FINAL FANTASY XV and the “Cypress Stick” from the DRAGON QUEST series.

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