Square Enix answers “What is Dragon Quest Builders?” in their latest trailer

DRAGON_QUEST_BUILDERS_logoSo what  the heck is Dragon Quest Builders exactly? Other than describing it as a creative Minecraft meets Dragon Quest , block-building mashup, we can let Square Enix’s latest “What is Dragon Quest Builders?” trailer answer all those pending questions.

Dragon Quest Builders hits both the PS4 and PS Vita on October 11th, 2016.

What is Dragon Quest Builders?


Merging the creative worlds of block-building games and the adventures found in RPGs, SQUARE ENIX today detailed everything that builders will need to know about DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS with today?s new trailer.

The ?What is DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS?? trailer introduces the basics of building ? such as gathering materials and crafting items in order to build anything you can imagine. The trailer also features how players will complete quests to help friendly NPC?s while battling the evil Dragonlord to restore peace to the shattered realm.