Trove is building towards a 2016 PS4, Xbox One release

TROVE_POSE_NewPlayerExperience_01Trion Worlds’ free-to-play creative adventure title, Trove, is set to join Minecraft and Roblox in making the jump from PC to consoles later this year.

More than 5 million players worldwide have already step foot in the the procedurally generated, colorful voxel worlds of Trove, but we’re sure that releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One will further increase the playerbase quite a bit. The game is free to download and play, but like other free MMOs, there will be opportunities to spend some real cash to enhance your experience.

Have a look at the announcement trailer and console screens along with the press release itself.

Trove is coming to PS4 and Xbox One:

Trove screens:

Trove, Trion Worlds’ free-to-play, pioneering voxel adventure MMO, is coming to consoles in 2016! Gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to experience Trove’s unique blend of action combat, adventure, collecting, and building this fall, opening the floodgates for even more players around the globe to create and explore unique fantasy environments in an infinite universe of procedurally generated and player-created worlds. Introduced for PC and Mac one year ago, Trove has already attracted more than five million players from around the globe and released its first full expansion, Mantle of Power, earlier this year.

“We want to be everywhere that gamers are, and consoles are an important part of that strategy,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO at Trion Worlds. “Trove is ideal for PS4 and Xbox One. From its fast paced gameplay to its extremely broad appeal, we expect Trove to be a hit with console gamers of all kinds.”

As the game celebrates its first birthday this week, Trove is being played by millions of gamers from more than 100 countries every month, and has inspired creativity in numerous novel ways. Thousands of weapons, mounts, costumes and other collectible items created by players are now in the game, as are dungeons, clubs and other environs forged by Trove’s passionate global audience.

“The boundless creativity we’ve seen from Trove’s community in the game’s first year has been astounding,” said Andrew Krausnick, executive producer of Trove. “With Mantle of Power we were able to improve and expand on the game’s class progression system, combat and endless worlds. In bringing Trove to an even wider audience, we can only begin to imagine the inventive, inspiring and downright crazy worlds we’ll be seeing later this year when the game arrives on consoles.”

Trove invites players into a universe of endless possibility where action-adventure, role-playing, and crafting collide. By offering players the power to choose from more than a dozen character classes, battle against others, explore, craft, and create their own adventures, Trove pushes the boundaries of community-created content, featuring procedurally generated worlds that are fully buildable and destructible.

To celebrate Trove’s first birthday, Trion is holding a number of in-game promotions, parties and other activities designed to reward veteran and new players alike with all sorts of over-the-top prizes.

Trove’s first major expansion, Mantle of Power, launched earlier this year, increasing the game’s level cap, improving class progression, adding new worlds and much more. Players can download Trove on PC and Mac for free here.

A trailer celebrating Trove’s impending arrival on consoles was also released today and can be found on the Trove homepage.