Resident Evil 4 gets resurrected on PS4, Xbox One on August 30th

Resident Evil 4Hey fellow Resident Evil fans, Capcom has finally provided us with launch details for the release of the remastered HD version of Resident Evil 4 which was scheduled to hit the PS4 and Xbox One later this summer.  “Later this summer” in this case is officially August 30th, which follows Resident Evil 5’s July 12th release next week.

Resident Evil 4 will set gamers back $19.99 and will be available via the PlayStation and Xbox Stores and at retail.

Jump on over to Capcom-Unity for the announcement, or check it out below.

One of the greatest video games of all time is coming soon to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Leon S. Kennedy?s intense mission to save the President?s daughter is a turning point in the 20-year-old horror franchise, and the title?s arrival on modern consoles is the perfect opportunity for fans to remember why it has stood the test of time, or for the uninitiated to learn where all the accolades come from.

Resident Evil 4, originally released in 2005, evolved the horror series? formula in an exciting new direction, empowering players with unprecedented third-person aiming precision while defending themselves against hordes of clever new enemies called Ganados. Players could trip enemies with shots to the legs, or dial in headshots ? sometimes with surprising and deadly results. Deep customization options permeate through the game, including a wide variety of fully upgradeable weapons, like pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

This potent combination of exotic weaponry and dynamic enemy encounters is part of why RE4 was not only incredibly innovative for the wider video game industry, but has stood the test of time. There are many examples of paradigm-shifting video games throughout history, but not all of them have the benefit of being as fun to play today as when they first released. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best examples of this rarity.

This current release of Resident Evil 4 on PS4 and Xbox One includes all the bonus content from the original game, as well as additional features that were added in later versions. The mysterious and elusive Ada Wong stars in her own side story, which fills in intriguing story gaps from Leon?s mission. Mercenaries Mode ? the addicting evolution of RE3?s bonus mode ? is awarded to players who complete the campaign, providing hours of replayability and lets fans play as Wesker, Hunk, and more iconic characters. RE4 also boasts some of the most satisfying New Game Plus action ever, allowing players to bring their powerful arsenal, unlocked costumes, and other secret weapons into a fresh playthrough. Want to focus on yourself instead of protecting Ashley? Equip her with the knight armor costume and laugh as enemy?s attempt to attack her or carry her off with futility. Leon?s Chicago Typewriter ? an insanely powerful Tommy Gun ? also provides a fun power trip if you have enough cash to give the infamous Merchant.

Drowning RE4 with breathless praise is a fun pastime, but playing the game is even better. Get ready to return to this irrefutable classic when it releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One August 30.