Gravity Rush 2 takes the PS4 to new heights on December 2nd

Gravity Rush 2_3Even though Gravity Rush originated as a gorgeous and very unique PS Vita title, it is great to see Sony figure out where to take the series, and its charming characters and worlds, to the PS4.

So here we are with a confirmed December 2nd, 2016 release for Gravity Rush 2. Sony also revealed a set of pre-order bonuses which includes a soundtrack, avatars and alternate costumes for Kat as you can see below. The company also revealed that an anime is in the works, which will be known as Gravity Rush The Animation ~ Overture ~.

Take a look at the new trailer below.

Gravity Rush 2 – NEW HEIGHTS Trailer:

Gravity Rush 2 - NEW HEIGHTS Trailer | PS4

Gravity Rush 2 screens: