HTC Vive Consumer Edition now shipping; SteamVR store goes live

In coordination with shipments beginning for the HTC Vive Consumer Edition, the SteamVR page has gone live today.


While some customers have already received the VR headset, Valve’s storefront was actually gated until today — allowing for Vive owners to browse and purchase VR exclusive titles.


Some software has been bundled for free to early adopters, including Google’s Tilt Brush, theBlu, and Fantastic Contraption.  Valve also provides a collection of VR experiments in the The Lab, and Aperture-themed slew of ideas which we tried at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference.


Full Press release below.




Valve Launches SteamVR, HTC Begins Shipping Consumer Vives


April 5, 2016 – Steam, a leading online destination for games and software, officially expanded into the world of Virtual Reality today as Valve introduced SteamVR, featuring dozens of VR titles from developers around the world. The launch comes the same day HTC began shipment of the Vive, the first complete SteamVR system.


Similar to other areas of Steam, the SteamVR pages showcase dozens of titles and experiences for VR enthusiasts to check out. Some for sale, some free. Some are games, some are something new and totally different. Each has its own page to provide information on the title through images, trailers, and more.


Also today, HTC begins shipment of its Vive VR system. Priced at $799, the Vive is the first complete VR solution, including wireless VR controllers, room scale movement, and an HMD featuring a built in camera. As an added bonus, and for a limited time, those who purchase a Vive will also receive a free copy of Tilt Brush, theBlu, and Fantastic Contraption.


Valve also launched “The Lab,” its free VR game compilation, and a host of new trailers and information via SteamVR today.


To view the new trailers and learn more about Steam and virtual reality, please visit