Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare tops 8 million players

pvz garden warfare infoNearly 2 years after its February 2014 launch, PopCap and EA’s super fun Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare has reached a new milestone: 8 million players.  Click on the above infographic for some of the other interesting stats.

Of course the game has been discounted by quite a lot since then, and even given away for free on a number of occasions (and as part of EA Access), but it’s still an impressive achievement nonetheless. As thanks, PopCap is giving away 80,000 PvZ coins for players that are still active in the game.  So if you’ve been looking to buy a couple of extra card packs, here’s your chance.

We’re keeping a close eye on next year’s sequel for sure.

Today PopCap Vancouver celebrates more than 8 million players* who have played Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. As a token of appreciation to the community, all Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare players will automatically receive 80,000 PvZ coins in their Garden Warfare account. This shooter that didn’t take itself too seriously was first released in February 2014. Since then, over 1.4 billion gameshave been played, averaging to over 1,600 matches a minute. In this age-old war between plants and zombies, players did some serious damage to the undead, vanquishing over 7 billion zombies.

Your time spent in Garden Warfare can also give you an edge when the battle for Suburbia reaches crazy new heights on February 23 with the release of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. For the first time in franchise history, zombies have taken over and plants are on the attack. Players of the original game will have the ability to transfer almost all their unlocked characters into Garden Warfare 2 right from launch, jumpstarting the new adventure with their favorite plants and zombies.

*Player count includes game purchases and promotional offerings.

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