Hitman welcomes you to sunny Sapienza

hitman-logoSquare Enix and IO-Interactive seem excited to welcome players to a brand new location in the Hitman universe, a tropical, fictional Italian town by the name of Sapienza.

We’re sure if Agent 47 is there, it’s not going to be much a vacation spot for certain high value targets.

Take a look at the new Paris Games Week trailer below.

HITMAN – Welcome to Sapienza:

HITMAN - Welcome to Sapienza

Today, Io-Interactive and Square Enix gave the first glimpse of a new location for the upcoming HITMAN, available on March 11th 2016. The video, which debuted at Paris Games Week today, shows off sunny Sapienza, a fictional town situated on the southern coast of Italy.

Cut to the atmospheric track ?Between Two Points? by The Glitch Mob featuring Swan, the video gives players a sense of the expansive scale of the location. From a luxurious mansion to the medieval church situated by the beach and the cramped alleys littered with stores, Sapienza is a dense location full of challenges and packed with opportunities and stories for the enterprising player to unfold. And as with all locations within HITMAN, dark secrets and engaging stories are everywhere to be found in charming Sapienza.