Get into the Destiny spirit with Bungie’s new “Festival of the Lost” event

Destiny Festival of the LostEven with all the work it took to roll out the well-received overhaul of Destiny (thanks to the launch of The Taken King), Bungie apparently still found time to work in some enjoyable extra content and holiday events.

For those who have not logged into the game since yesterday, an awesome new Halloween appropriate “Festival of the Lost” event has started for all Destiny players and will run through November 9th. This isn’t just a simple Jackolyte package delivery however… Festival of the Lost introduces an appropriately decorated Tower, complete with creepy sound effects and music, and masked vendors who are happily playing along.

Destiny Festival of the Lost-tower

Eva Levante, the Tower’s Guardian Outfitter, has bags of candy, wearable paper masks (depicting familiar Destiny characters/items) and supplies, and most important of all, a set of limited time Quests and rewards to mix things up. Oh, and there’s some great new emotes, including a Thriller-inspired dance.

Head into orbit and/or to the official event page for the details.