Details from the PlayStation Media Briefing at Paris Games Week

PlayStation Paris Games WeekSony’s PlayStation Media Briefing at Paris Games Week just wrapped up, and yeah, we were treated to a few announcements and surprises. Of course, a good deal of the news was for the European PlayStation region, so they may or may not apply to North America.

We saw plenty of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Star Wars: Battlefront coverage as expected (including Limited Edition console bundles), and there were updates on titles which were revealed during this past E3 and TGS events including The Last Guardian , Ratchet & Clank, No Man’s Sky.

As for surprises, Capcom announced Dhalsim for Street Fighter V making him the last returning Street Fighter veteran that will be available at launch. They revealed that 6 additional characters will be making the game’s roster in the first year after release. Release date is set as February 16th, 2016.

Bandai Namco revealed Tekken 7 for the PS4 which will include special PlayStation content.

Boundless looks to be a cool sci-fi, open world multiplayer title possibly sharing some similarities with No Man’s Sky. There’s going to be a AVICII|Vector music rhythm game that we initially confused with Harmonix’s Amplitude at first.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Housemarque is hard at work on what we think is a sci-fi shooter by the name of Matterfall.

Guerilla Games showed off even more of their amazing looking Horizon: Zero Dawn, with gameplay footage focusing on hunting and gadgets and some of the wild looking creatures.

The super creepy new trailer for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion was revealed is coming on November 24th.

Driveclub is getting motorcycles in Driveclub Bikes and they look aweeessssome… but the big news is that it is getting a surprise PlayStation Store release tonight.

New Gravity Rush 2 footage and game details were revealed, including loads of enhancements and new abilities, and beautiful, colorful visuals of course.

Naughty Dog was on hand to show off even more of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, this time, the online multiplayer — and as you would expect it looked insanely good. The release date for Uncharted 4 is set as March 18th, 2016.

Media Molecule’s Dreams was demoed live on stage again, and it’s definitely as bizarre looking as before. The motion controls and interface look very interesting, even if we don’t understand the concept of the “game” quite yet. It’s really gorgeous and creative, but really weird. A beta is set to roll out soon, which will allow users opportunity to create and share their own content.

Shuhei Yoshida hit the stage to present more PlayStation VR details. Guerrilla Cambridge’s sci-fi VR eSports title RIGS was on display and while we’re sure it’s difficult to appreciate in 2D, it’s looking really solid so far. The rumored Until Dawn VR chapter, Rush of Blood, was also revealed to be an on-rails VR shooter of sorts. Crytek had a VR title by the name of Robinson: The Journey, set in what looks like a lush Crysis-style jungle. The classic arcade game Battle Zone also made an appearance as a PlayStation VR release. They also showed off some dramatic reaction video from the The Walk VR Experience that they created to coincide with the Sony Pictures movie. Lastly they announced that Tekken 7 would feature PlayStation VR support.

We finally have confirmation of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport for the PS4. Based on the footage, (“7 to 77 years”) we’re assuming less simulated driving and license tests and more fun racing events. There will be a beta test for Gran Turismo Sport launching early next year.

Sony also gave us a new look at Wild and its vast open world environments and the ability to ride and/or assume control of animals including hawks, bears, rabbits, crows and more.

David Cage of Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) finally revealed his next big project — the sci-fi themed adventure Detroit: Become Human for the PS4. As a fan of their earlier games, it looks unreal.

Take a look at the archived livestream of the entire event below, and stay tuned for more coverage and media.

Paris Games Week: Media Briefing (EN)