Impressively belated Attack on Titan TGS media, game info

attack-on-titanIn case you’re an Attack on Titan fan and you somehow missed Koei Tecmo’s presentation from the Tokyo Game Show… here are a selection of official screens and new game details from Koei Tecmo.

We still don’t have an official title or release date (other than 2016), but we’re sure that’s coming soon. IGN also delivered 8 minutes of footage from the demo, so take a look at that as well.

Attack on Titan TGS 2015 screens:

Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Gameplay - TGS 2015

Fresh from Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo Europe is happy to share a few images and news from the Koei Tecmo Games on stage presentation of Omega Force?s most exciting new action title, based on highly acclaimed worldwide anime hit series, ?Attack on Titan?!

During the presentation, Hisashi Koinuma, President of Koei Tecmo Games and head of the “Attack on Titan” game development, took to the stage to discuss the project direction, and revealed some in-game footage and a few of the available playable characters!

The footage, captured exclusively for Tokyo Games Show, included a short, yet crowd-pleasing, gameplay action video showcasing Eren, the protagonist of the Anime/Manga storyline, practicing his moves on a sparring match with his childhood friend Armin, before testing his 3D manoeuver gear on an impressive traverse over the city and attacking a life sized Titan model. Following that, fans in Tokyo had the opportunity to see Eren and his squad in action for the first time, as they rigorously fought to bring down Titans attacking the inner walls of their city!

Positioned next to an imposing giant Titan?s head, Koei Tecmo?s presentation ended with an immersive new trailer the encapsulated the claustrophobic feel and dark atmosphere of the yet-to-be-named title, currently planned for release in 2016 in the west.