Survive the first 15 minutes of Dying Light: The Following footage

Dying Light The FollowingTechland’s story-based Dying Light expansion, The Following, is looking pretty damn good so far.  The announcement trailer certainly made it look exciting and intense, but this uncut 15 minutes of gameplay footage should show off a more realistic look at the survival action.

Dying Light: The Following includes a number of new features and content such as a large new map, drivable/upgradeable buggies, new ranged weapons, and more.  The expansion will set back non-season pass holders $14.99 when it launches (date TBD). Those with a season pass obviously can download it for free.

Take a look at the footage below.

Dying Light: The Following – 15 Minutes of Gameplay:

After the release of the heart-pumping reveal trailer for Dying Light: The Following, Techland is giving fans the chance to take a closer look at the upcoming story-based expansion. A video has been released with over 15 minutes of uncut gameplay coupled with commentary from some of the Dying Light team – all recorded during last week’s Twitch stream. In the playthrough, fans are taken down the “The Trust Is Out There” quest chain, which showcases some of the core new features of Dying Light: The Following, including a massive new map, drivable and upgradeable dirt buggies, and new types of ranged weapons.