Resident Evil 2 Remake is officially happening

resident-evil-2-remakeIt’s no surprise that longtime fans of the Resident Evil series have been requesting a remake of the best game in the series in my opinion (Resident Evil 4 is neck and neck), Resident Evil 2. The closest the game has been given a re-release of any kind, was 15 years ago in the form of a Dreamcast port, which only included sharper graphics for the time and already unlocked costumes.

We can now can rejoice, as Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi has taken to the official Resident Evil Facebook page to announce that the Resident Evil 2 remake has been officially approved by Capcom… and I couldn’t be more excited! Keep in mind that this will be a full fledged remake and not just remastered. Fans have been pushing for years and recently included a fan made remake running on Unreal Engine 4. Looks like the dedication has paid off, however Hirabyashi stated “It will be some time before we can bring you an update on this project,”

In the meantime, we can all prepare for the Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, which is slated for early 2016.

See the announcement video below: