Driveclub PS Plus Edition launching tomorrow (for real)

driveclub ps plusAfter jumping the gun around 48 hours early and then stating the servers weren’t quite ready to go, Evolution Studios and Sony have finally confirmed that the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition will indeed be launching, tomorrow, June 25th. See the announcement here.

As we covered previously, the PS Plus Edition has all the features and modes of the full game, but only a portion of the tracks and vehicles.  But hey, it actually includes a full set of Trophies.

To make sure the servers can handle the crunch of new players, Evolution is going to slowly turn on some of the online features, and the game will be playable in offline mode initially.  Once everything is up and running smoothly, make sure to join us at team GamingAge, or toss some challenges our way.

DriveClub (PlayStation 4) (Video Game)

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